A Few of My Favorite Things, Silver Lake Edition

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.31.14 PM


I still don’t *really* understand what this site is or who uses it, but they gave me a (pro-bono) chance to shout out my favorite places for food, music, booze, caffeine, etc. in Los Angeles. Plus, they promised to call me an expert. To see my picks, go to Utrip, click “See Itinerary,” and then enter an arbitrary date (you’re not going to do this, I know, it’s okay). From there (ha), click on the little “Overview” tab above the map. FINALLY, you can scroll down to see the junk I like: Diablo, Vacation Vinyl, the Elliott Smith mural, Forage, Origami Vinyl, Hotel Café, Square One, Thirsty Crow, Amoeba Music, The Satellite, the Griffith Park Observatory, Sqirl, The Echo and Echoplex, Silverlake Ramen, the Troubadour, Guisados, Bootleg Theater, Elf Café, and the Hollywood Bowl. Oh, and “Sunset Strip” (barf) is supposed to be “Sunset Junction” (rad).