Raver Madness: Electric Daisy Carnival (and the Dance Music Industry) Fights for its Rights

Sharing this here a bit belatedly (it’s from October’s issue of SPIN), but it’s no less relevant today than it was a couple of months back. In a music industry (#whatindustry?) that has been in a constant state of tumult for more than a decade, the business of dance is booming. We’ve all heard that old “DJs are the new rock stars” chestnut a gazillion times, but it’s never been truer. Actually, it’s also misleading — rock stars had chart hits and huge record labels backing them. These guys commission their own jets to shows where thousands of kids await their favorite songs that have never been played on the radio. This article is, on a macro level, about the love-hate relationship that the mainstream has with rave culture. On a micro level, it’s about Los Angeles, Electric Daisy Carnival, Sasha Rodriguez, the nightly news and millions of dollars. (via SPIN)

3 thoughts on “Raver Madness: Electric Daisy Carnival (and the Dance Music Industry) Fights for its Rights

  1. Brad Cabanilla says:

    I read this article a few months back, it was very cool to see it in Spin. But I beleive (after having attended EDC in 2010 LA and EDC 2011 Vegas) that the move to Sin City was for the best and I also believe that it will help propel the genre further making EDC one of the Landmark events in the world.

    • chris martins says:

      Hey Brad. Thanks for reading/commenting. I tend to agree with you, though I’d prefer it happened in both locations. There’s no question that Insomniac made the right move, but it doesn’t lessen the amount of frustration felt by L.A. EDM fans (and fans of cultural events in general) at the way things got botched in the city. Namely, the way the City botched things in the city.

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