Review: Odd Future Overloard Tyler the Creator Defies ’em All with his Second Album ‘Goblin’

Tyler the Creator, "Goblin"

Even as more of the world watches and Diddy lurks at his door, it still would’ve been surprising if Tyler, the Creator had made a run for the mainstream on his second album. And by kicking off Goblin with a defiant seven-minute intro, the Odd Future overlord solidifies his place as America’s favorite young nihilist, dismantling the next-big-thing rep that he’s been building. As he debates a “therapist” (Tyler himself, his voice distorted), the MC/producer claims, “People excited, thinking shit is so tight / Getting cosigns from rappers I don’t even like.” For a newcomer …

Spilled a bunch of ink over this album for Spin. 50K in the first week. Wow.