Music You Can Wear, with Mount Eerie


Playbutton presents "Wind's Poem" by Mount Eerie.

Go buy one of these things. And while you’re at it, one of everything that Phil Elverum sells. Nothing guilty about these pleasures, many of which are handmade (unlike this) and all of which are innovative (like this) although often in a homesteader kind of way (again, the handmade thing). I haven’t written much about Mount Eerie (a.k.a. Elverum, f.k.a. Microphones) over the years despite the fact that the dude’s on my all-time list of mythos-making music heroes partly because I like keeping something for myself and also because I want that mythos to remain mythic (like this show at The Smell). But that thing in the picture … it’s a self-contained, rechargeable digital music player that comes preloaded with one excellent album. There are others too.