Review: Joke Rap? Toke Rap? Coke Rap? Das Racist Picks Up a Belated A.V. Club Nod

Das Racist. Jokes? They got them. Sit Down, Man.

I may live to regret all the positive ink I’ve spilled on rap’s Brooklyn-based red-headed step children, Das Racist, but then again, there’s always the chance that I’ll die from laughter first while listening to one of their mixtapes. Here’s a doubly belated review of Sit Down, Man, part of the A.V. Club’s “Sorry We Missed Ya” catchup coverage. Catch up, man.

“… the two weave a complex word-web out of references to a villain from The Smurfs, a song by The Vapors, the star of The Mummy, and suicide being a largely Caucasian phenomenon, before dropping a Sister Sledge-jacking chorus …”

Huh? You should read it. Yeah, you should probably read it.