L.A. Upcoming: Rufus Wainwright, C.L.A.W.S., Tanya Morgan, Juliette Commagere

A list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus clips for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions. More after the jump.

  • Region: Griffith Park
    Music: Rufus Wainwright
    Vitals: The Greek Theatre on Friday, Aug. 20
    (details at L.A. Weekly)

  • Region: Glassell Parrk
    Music: C.L.A.W.S., Eats Tapes
    Vitals: Show Cave on Saturday, Aug. 21
    (details at L.A. Weekly)
  • Region: Silver Lake
    Music: Tanya Morgan, Tiron, Afro Classic, Ahmad
    Vitals: Spaceland on Tuesday, Aug. 24
    (details at L.A. Weekly)
  • Region: Chinatown
    Music:Make It Funky Music & Arts Festival
    Vitals: Chinatown Central Plaza on Saturday, July 31
    (details at L.A. Weekly)
  • Region: Echo Park
    Music: Juliette Commgere, Papercranes, Luke Rathborne
    Vitals: The Echo on Thursday, Aug. 26
    (details at L.A. Weekly)