Pardon Us: A Hand-Typed Apology for Egregious Blog Negligence, General Lack of Rocking

Sorry for not rocking, mom.

Hello. That’s Kenny G up there. He’s sorry too.

Funny Ha Ha has been experiencing a brief hiatus due to the fact that its author is currently pinch-hitting for the L.A. Weekly music editor. This’ll be the case for at least another week, but don’t give up hope on this humble little blog. Instead, head over to West Coast Sound as yours truly is writing about four stories a day, as well as editing some great content from folks you may already know, like Drew Tewksbury, Jeff Weiss, Molly Bergen, Josh Glazer and Kevin Bronson.

I’ll also be updating my Facebook profile frequently, as that and the new Gayngs record (and the P.E. Hewitt collection from Now-Again) are keeping me relatively sane.

Get with it already,

Chris Martins