‘Suck Off The Tool’: New M. James Keenan Wine Movie Trailer Features Tim & Eric, Milla J.

A newsworthy bit, courtesy of LA Weekly‘s West Coast Sound.

“…What is news, however, is that said feature-length adv– err, documentary, Blood Into Wine, seems to feature appearances from Tim & Eric, Milla Jovovich, and Patton Oswalt. While there was no sign in the previously released preview clip of any sort of cheekiness, a brand new trailer plants tongue firmly therein, kicking off with an uncredited Bob Odinkirk playing the role of an unhinged viticulturist instructing the audience to “Suck off the tool” — a line one has to assume Keenan’s delivered scores of times before considering the hearsay on his backstage fellatio fests…”

Side note: I actually once dated a girl who was summoned to Keenan’s post-show den of d***-suck. She politely declined, of course.