The A.V. Club’s Inventory Book Out Tomorrow

The headline just about says it all, but this’ll help:

“Each week, the writers of The A.V. Club issue a slightly slanted pop-culture list filled with challenging opinions (Is David Bowie’s “Young Americans” nearly ruined by saxophone?) and fascinating facts. Exploring 24 great films too painful to watch twice, 14 tragic movie-masturbation scenes, 18 songs about crappy cities, and much more, Inventory combines a massive helping of new lists created especially for the book with a few favorites first seen at and in the pages of The A.V. Club’s sister publication, The Onion.

But wait! There’s more: John Hodgman offers a set of minutely detailed (and probably fictional) character actors. Patton Oswalt waxes ecstatic about the “quiet film revolutions” that changed cinema in small but exciting ways. Amy Sedaris lists 50 things that make her laugh. “Weird Al” Yankovic examines the noises of Mad magazine’s Don Martin. Plus lists from Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Ben Garant, Tom Lennon, Andrew W.K., Tim and Eric, Daniel Handler, and Zach Galifianakis — and an epic foreword from essayist Chuck Klosterman.”

And better yet, there’s a great article about the book on Madison’s 77 Square, here. Also, Inventory continues to be an Amazon hit, racking up a #1 in “Books > Entertainment > Movies > History & Criticism,” plus #1,589 in Books overall. Still, we’d rather you buy it from your most local vendor of paper products.

There’s a book tour a’happening as well. Details here.