How to DIY Tour with Walter Gross, Syko Friend…



…AND MIKE BAGGETTA (sorry Mike!). If you didn’t know, Spotify has a blog that’s meant to be of service to artists. In fact, it is. But some (many? most? all?) of the articles are good reads for the rest of us too. This one that I had the honor to pen is a deep dive into the obvious and not-so-obvious ins and outs of DIY-ing one’s own tour with input from three experts on the subject. One is a speaker-shredding noisenik whose work I’m a huge fan of, Walter Gross. One is a genre-smearing guitar goddess who travels with a dog named Tupelo, Sophie Weil (a.k.a. Syko Friend). One is a jazz-etc. guitar god who just recorded an LP with Mike Watt and Jim Keltner overseen by the mighty Chris Schlarb, Mike Baggetta. Click on through to receive their hard-earned wisdom.

Walter Gross: Death Music and Devilish Videos (Plus, Dude Remixes Bessie Smith)

Nightmare in sepiatone (Walter Gross)

Watch for Walter Gross in 2011. Dude collages death in audio format. Listen to his SoundCloud tracks and that’ll make sense. He’s also a crack video editor as well, and has been devoting his efforts of late to lacing his blacker than black tracks with fittingly dark and wistful imagery.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the man’s own musings and watch several of his videos over at LA Weekly, in a feature called: Dragging You to Hell. Also, you need to listen to this. Who you know that remixes Bessie Smith?

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