Terribly Awesome. The Inglorious Pukes.

The Inglorious Pukes of Noah Harmon (Airborne Toxic Event)

They were the Pukes. Then the Glamorous Pukes. Then the Glorious Pukes. And now, Inglorious Pukes. But who are they really? Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands L.A. has the scoop, and an MP3 to share.

The [__] Pukes perform at the Downtown Independent theater alongside Captain Ahab on Tuesday, August 24, after The Scenesters screens.

TICKETS HERE. For an extra five bones at the door, come back every night! Pay tonight (Slang Chix and PAPA), get in free tomorrow!

Buzz Bands L.A. Shares a Tune from Glamorous Pukes (Airborne Toxic Event, M83, El Bronx)

Anna Bulbrook and Noah Harmon of the Airborne Toxic Event cover the Misfits as Glamorous Pukes

Esteemed L.A. music journalist Kevin Bronson, who runs the Buzz Bands L.A. blog as well as writes for everyone in the known universe, spilled some very kind ink on “The Scenesters Run L.A.” series at the Downtown Independent, which he’s dubbed “a mini-festival.”

He also debuted and exclusive MP3 from Glorious Pukes, the country-flavored Misfits cover band playing the event on Tuesday, August 24.

Bronson breaks down the convoluted membership of the group “concocted by the Airborne Toxic Event’s Noah Harmon … [with] a lineup featuring TATE bandmate Anna Bulbrook, M83’s Morgan Kibby and members of Mariachi El Bronx, the Actual, the Fresh and the Naked Banjo Man.”