Review: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead are Half Dead, Half Amazing

Conrad Keely vs. Jason Reece

Face it, music fans. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead will just never — never — be what they once were. Source Tags & Codes is, excuse my french, a simply unfuckwittable album. A cornerstone of the “indie rock” canon. And everything since has been … alright. So there’s a new record out. It’s their umpteenth. And it mostly disappoints but for one, incredibly key exception. See what it is via my review at the A.V. Club.

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News Roundup: L.A. Declares ‘Dio Day,’ Madlib Goes Psych-Rock, plus Salem and Tobacco

Murray, pleased by the news, took the day off from slaying.

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: City Declares May 30 ‘Ronnie James Dio Day’*
  2. Madlib Goes Psych-Rock on New ‘Brain Wreck’ LP
  3. Salem Signs to IAMSOUND, Reveals ‘King Night’ Details
  4. MP3 Exclusive: Tobacco Remixes HEALTH’s ‘Die Slow’
  5. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

* “Naturally, the prepared statement delivered at Dio’s memorial was greeted with rabid cheers and a strong showing of devil horns.”