The Weirdest of Coachella 2012: Side-Boob, Clever Boozing, Hologram Humor, Fake ‘Stache and more

In addition to reporting on the best sets of Coachella 2012 Weekend Two, the inimitable Christopher R. Weingarten and I were tasked with documenting all the weirdness that was fit to print. Or Tweet, at least. We did the latter from @SPINfestivals, and freed the most salient bits of odd from our notebooks after each 12-hour day, usually between the delirious hours of 3 and 5 a.m. Via SPIN.

1. Friday Fieldnotes: Clever Boozing, Gary Busey’s Face, Fake Mustaches
2. Saturday Fieldnotes: Side Boob, David Hasselhoff’s Handshake, Melted Vinyl
3. Sunday Fieldnotes: Eminem’s Lip-Sync, Hologram Humor, Radiohead’s Fam

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