Big Search (Matt P. of Foreign Born, Fool’s Gold) and Friends Confirmed for ‘The Scenesters’ Live at L.A.’s Downtown Independent Theater

Big Search's Matt Popieluch -- another Scenesters victim?

The Vacationeers and Funny Ha Ha are tickled totally pink to announce the second fully confirmed night in the week-long The Scenesters film + music series taking place at L.A.’s Downtown Independent theater in late August.

Yesterday, we shored up the event’s closing night — Thursday, August 26, featuring The Franks and Lord Huron — and it seems we’re working our way backward. The lineup for Wednesday, August 25, has been decided, though due to our proximity (time-wise) to Sunset Junction, not all of it can be told. You like mysteries, right?

Never fear, the headliner should be enough to wet your whistle. The estimable Big Search — a.k.a. Matt Popieluch, Foreign Born frontman and Fool’s Gold ax-slinger — will bring a wrecking crew with him to convert his hi-fi layered bedroom folk into a full-blown live affair.

Keep your eyes on this page for information on the opener, a rising local band whose involvement makes us feel inexplicably fuzzy and warm.

Listen to “Flyer’s Fall” by Big Search:

The Franks and Lord Huron Confirmed to Play ‘The Scenesters’ Closing Night at L.A.’s Downtown Independent Theater

The Franks, all dolled up for death

The Vacationeers and Funny Ha Ha are proud to announce the first fully confirmed night in a week-long film + music series taking place at L.A.’s Downtown Independent theater starting Friday, August 20. Ironically, naturally, the inaugural booking is for the event’s closing night.

Each evening, the Vacationeers-produced feature, The Scenesters, will screen at 8:00 p.m. sharp. There will be beer on hand, and you will enjoy it. The movie itself is an indie-music-inspired black comedy / murder mocumentary set in Silver Lake, with a  sound track compiled by L.A. music journo Chris Martins (L.A. Weekly, Spin, The Onion).

Phase two of each night will (ideally) comprise a double-bill of live music played either by artists featured in the flick, or by bands with local significance. The ticket price, for movie and music, will be a non-whopping ten bones ($10), and reservations can be made via Brown Paper Tickets.


With no further ado, we’re proud to announce (for real this time) the lineup for Thursday, August 26. Rising Echo Park garage-punk trio The Franks will headline with a ripping array of raw, hook-laden econo jams. Meanwhile, the lesser known but hotly tipped Lord Huron will provide something akin to Paul Simon on chillwave drugs singing inside of the My Morning Jacket grain silo. Needless to say, we’re very excited.

Meet the bands after the jump.

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Night Vision: Flying Lotus @ Downtown Independent

Last night, Dublab threw Labrat Matinee VI at Main Street’s Downtown Independent, the new theater next door to The Smell. After dozens of artful music videos and shorts — ranging from the single-shot mini thriller that Ben Barnes made for WHY?‘s ” Sky For Shoeing Horses Under,” to Tim And Eric’s bizarro Absolut Vodka advert starring Zach Galifianakis — beat music auteur Flying Lotus performed. His set included sizable chunks from 2008’s fantastic Los Angeles LP, hard bop samples, rave send-ups  and at least one Squarepusher drum phrase. I captured a wee bit of it below.

Consider donatating to Dublab’s Flash Forward Proton Drive.