My First Time at the Smell, with Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum, Microphones) filled my head with fog.

Alert: confessional time. (Isn’t that what blogs are for? No, silly, that’s what they were for in the early aughts.) The A.V. Club is, um, blessed with a very, er, active readership. Check out the comments sections on my reviews for a glimpse into their troll-like wonderful ways. They also get to ask us questions, which is really great, and a recent query sent us flipping back through our memories to find one of our “best shared cultural experiences.” Lots of great answers over here.

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News: New Abe Vigoda Song, We Are the World Video, Plus Baths, What Laura Says, Big Search

Abe Vigoda, not throwing shade

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: Abe Vigoda Goes All ’80s On New ‘Crush’ LP*
  2. Baths Guest for Fol Chen Record Release at The Echo
  3. We Are the World channel Manson in New Video
  4. ‘Lambhair McDaniel,’ by Devendra Banhart Favorite
  5. Popieluch of Foreign Born and Fool’s Gold as Big Search

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

* The press release for Crush promises “glassy shards of ‘cold wave’ pop, with synthesisers, sequencers and altogether broodier beats.”

News Roundup: L.A. Declares ‘Dio Day,’ Madlib Goes Psych-Rock, plus Salem and Tobacco

Murray, pleased by the news, took the day off from slaying.

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: City Declares May 30 ‘Ronnie James Dio Day’*
  2. Madlib Goes Psych-Rock on New ‘Brain Wreck’ LP
  3. Salem Signs to IAMSOUND, Reveals ‘King Night’ Details
  4. MP3 Exclusive: Tobacco Remixes HEALTH’s ‘Die Slow’
  5. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

* “Naturally, the prepared statement delivered at Dio’s memorial was greeted with rabid cheers and a strong showing of devil horns.”

LA Upcoming: Kimya Dawson, Your Heart Breaks + Angelo Spencer; Zola Jesus…

A short list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus videos for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions.

  • Region: Downtown
    Music: Kimya Dawson, Your Heart Breaks + Angelo Spencer
    The Smell on Thursday, January 14
    (details at LA Weekly)
  • Region: Downtown
    Music: Zola Jesus, Pocahaunted + Sissy Spacek
    The Smell on Sunday, January 10
    (details at LA Weekly)