SPIN Feature: 8 Hours of Madness with Puddin’s Eddie Pepitone, Laura Silverman, and the Comedic Short Geniuses at 5 Second Films

I spent the better (worse?) part of a Sunday running around Los Angeles with a buncha freakin’ clowns. It was awesome. The excellent Dan Monick was there to shoot — unfortunately, the web version is missing most of his work (including the winning opener of Paul Prado getting his head shaved for a five-second gag). These kids know their craft. And the Bitter Buddha knows all. Read at SPIN.

Q&A: Tearist Singer Yasmine Kittles Talks About Her New Movie, Side Boob, and Faux Jew Status

Kittles: neither fully nude nor fully Jewish in 'All American Orgy' (Peter McCabe)

She sings in Tearist. She co-stars in All American Orgy. She lives a few doors down from me. Ladies and gentlemen, meet triple-threat Yasmine Kittles. My neighbor and your future audio/visual obsession sat down to talk about the new indie flick she’s in, formerly known as Cummings Farm and now strapped with the incredibly cheap aforementioned title. It is, in truth, a movie about an orgy (or an attempt, at least), but All American Orgy has a lot more going on. Let Kittles tell it (via LA Weekly).

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