Billboard Cover: The Rebirth of Justin Bieber


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Justin Bieber took me to church. Literally. It wasn’t part of the plan. All he promised was a 60-minute interview. Instead we talked for 90, went to dinner, then walked over to a Beverly Hills hotel for a sermon. Before you ask, the kid’s all right. He’s working on him, and the music is better than ever, but all that’s in the story, along with input from Big Sean, Skrillex, Scooter, Poo Bear, and, yes, his pastor. Read why, in Justin’s words, he “wouldn’t suggest being a child star.”

Also, peep the photo gallery featuring more awesome shots by Zooey Grossman.

Take Two: Lazyboy Empire and SPORTS



Sweet sax prevails on this episode of Tuesday Reviewsday. The voice of my usual co-anchor Shirley Halperin was beamed in from New York, so I couldn’t actually see her grooving to Lazyboy Empire’s batshit “Vampire” track, but of course it happened. I also spoke on SPORTS and their new (final?) album, All of Something. TRD is now podcast on iTunes. It’s below too:

Billboard Cover: Selena Gomez Finds Her Voice


READ IT AT BILLBOARD (in print too)

To say this was a big one would be something beyond understatement. The opportunity to sit down with Selena Gomez for this conversation was an honor. But what came out during our talk — that she underwent chemotherapy to combat lupus — made it all astronomical. But don’t miss the forest for the trees. She’s a shockingly candid subject who’s amassed a world of experience at the age of 23. She deserves this Revival. She earned it. It’s all her.